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Alimayo Arango

  What ali straight on face shotyou should know about us. Alimayo “Ali” Arango, after working as a design teacher teaching the Adobe Master Suite , 3D modeling, and Visual Effects founded Little Guy CGI. Alimayo has a strong desire to bring the  CGI and animations of  Hollywood style presentations  to the “little guy” at an affordable price and in a timely fashion.





sue face track 4 (1)       Susan Arango

Susan has worked with clients like NogiBear MMA clothing company and other such companies such as New Jersey’s Got Talent. Susan had designed numerous websites and managed websites like the International Non-Profit NACA for several years. Susan, as a visual content creator and  the web designer for Little Guy CGI, delivers great designs.




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Little Guy CGI is a small design studio which allows us to design and develop ideas fast and on budget.